This weekend I’m (finally!) at IndieWebCamp, where I’m doing some new things to my site and not incidentally putting the site out more publicly. It’s exciting, because before I started the site, as I’ve mentioned before, I had loftier ambitions for what I wanted to build and how I wanted to manage things. IndieWeb was part of those ambitions, so the weekend feels like a return of sorts to a bigger vision of what I might eventually do on the web.

If you’re not familiar with IndieWeb and microformats, check them out!

And instead of liveblogging my efforts to continue the IndieWebification, I’ll just keep adding to this post.

I’ve now changed my theme, because the new one fully supports microformats2, but also because it is more fully semantic, which pleases me even if I’m not working directly in the HTML myself. It’s also reasonably in keeping with my previous theme, although I do want to tweak the CSS a bit. In all that free time I have to work on this site, y’know. …

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